Striker-Alpha Angular App

Unofficial gameplay assistance tool for Battletech:Alpha Strike miniatures wargame.

Release Date: August 2015

Peter Roohr

Core Features:

  • Game aide for Battletech:Alpha Strike.
  • Increases speed-of-play by automating calculations
  • Enhances gameplay by providing in-time game data for players.

This is not an official product of, for, or by Catalyst Game Labs; nor an officially licensed Battletech product.

Coverage out of the way, here’s a good printout:

Battletech:Alpha Strike is a tabletop, miniatures, wargame based on the Battletech franchise. Players command all sorts of armored fighting vehicles and walking warmachines. During the game, one of the actions a Unit can take is a Ranged Attack in which players roll 6-sided dice to see if they’ve successfully hit their target. Battletech:Alpha Strike has a fairly complicated means of determining the odds of those dice; modifiers like range, intervening terrain, the movement of target and attacker, all have an affect.

Although this is a detailed way of determining hits, it can be extremely taxing to the average player, so much so that I made this calculator. Basically the calculator turns the big list of modifiers into UI buttons and checkboxes, removing the need to actually calculate anything. Players simply input the conditions of the attack to be made, and the system prints out the number that the player needs to roll. It also colors this number based on odds, a lower probabilty of success will be red and vice versa.

I never got the entire app completed, but I got the basic version of it functioning well enough, and even optimized the layout for mobile

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