Pit Fighter

Devious fantasy/sword-and-sandals arena combat with some unique hooks for player engagement.

Release Date: December 2014

Core Features:

  • Fast-paced Arena Combat.
  • Light and fun combat mechanics.
  • Player-to-Player dealing and backstabbing.

Pit Fighter came about as a homebrew skirmish board game that Matt and I threw together for game nights at his art studio. The game had to be easy enough for kids as young as 6 to be able to play, and to incorporate an amount of drawing on the part of prospective players. The core of the game is Conan-flavored gladiator combat, using six-sided dice (D6) for action resolution. However, Pit Fighter adds some fun wrinkles to the mix to keep the gameplay interesting.

First, Character design. Matt wanted the game night to have a drawing exercise portion to accompany the game, so he came up with the idea that players draw 3 pit fighters they want to bring to the battle. Players draw their fighters onto each of the Character Sheets they will use for session. The Character Sheet also tracks stats like health; as Fighters take damage, they suffer specific penalties to their performance in the arena. Players are also given an amount of Gold to keep track of.

Gold is used by the Players’ non-fighting Characters to purchase weapons, place bets on other Players, and can be stolen in-game. There are 2 ways to win a game of Pit Fighter; last warrior standing in the arena, and the Player with the most Gold at the end of the game.

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