Personal Website 2019

Update my personal website from static bootstrap to ReactJS

Release Date: September 2019

Peter Roohr

Core Features:

  • Fully templated design for easy extensibilty
  • Data-driven page layouts.
  • Lightweight NavBar system.

My original website I built over a few months sometime in 2015, and never really completed it. The board game and music sections remained ‘coming soon’ for about 5 years now – I don’t they’re coming. Looking to rebuild my website and give the layout a facelift, I settled on trying ReactJS. Front-end web work isn’t my strongest suit, but I enjoy hobby-level programming just as much as my work.

Overall I found the process of standing up a React app to very straightforward and enjoyable. React‘s paradigm of Components is more aligned with my background of J2EE development. The speed with which you can lay items out on a page with React was also very nice, I could adjust my page layouts for my website almost in real time, with a minimum of shifting code/functionality.

Also the Visual Code IDE was pleasant to work with, its workspace management being smooth to use. Configuring it to work with ES6 and JSX was simple enough, the plugin-oriented nature is one of Visual Code’s strong points.

update 2021: I’ve transitioned to WordPress for management and updating of my personal website.

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