2D top-down MOBA-esque prototype.

Release Date: Prototype 2013

Core Features:

  • Top-down, 2D action shooter.
  • Mech-based gameplay.
  • MOBA-style controls and feel.

A prototype I had for a long time; it started with the inability to make a complete 3D mech game at the time (2013ish). I thought, what if I got ‘most’ of the mech game mechanics working but not 3D? ergo this prototype. I’d say now, it pretty much was a MOBA-esque game, the player controls their character with mouse and WASD.

Shooting was handled like any decent 2D top down game, however I wanted the ability to do semi-destructible environments and hit-locations on the mechs themselves. Overall, this specific project proved to be a dead-end at the time, but I learned a bit more about making 2D games and game design overall. I would like to return to the concept someday.

I also attempted to port this to HTML5/Javascript with mixed success, although it ran nicely in a browser, the inability to do full mouse-grab was an impediment. Mouse grab allows the program to prevent the user’s mouse from spilling over the edge of the game-window. For a reaction-focused game, this would have been crucial.

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