Landwar is an effort to take some of my favorite mechanics from existing miniatures wargaming titles and combine them into a fast and easy-to-use rules set.

Release Date: 2018

Core Features:

  • Easy-to-learn, pickup and play rules set.
  • Rules written for almost any scale of miniatures.
  • Extendable and customizable unit design rules
  • Can represent anything from dinosaurs to tanks.

LANDWAR was a side project of Eamonn and I’s that grew out of my interest in solving some critical design issues in other wargames we had played. Additionally, we possess a large number of wargame miniatures from several different ranges and not enough time to play each individual game. Ergo, we wrote a rules engine that took many of our favorite mechanics from other games and synthesized them into our own system. We also created a unit design system that can account for almost any unit a player wants.

The end result is a wargame that’s fairly open-ended, limited by the creativity of the players involved. LANDWAR is also fairly accessible, with the rules available online for free, and the Unit Calculator as a webpage app for free as well.

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