Tactical Card-based skirmish game about flashy, power armor focused arena combat!

Release Date: TBD

Peter Roohr

Core Features:

  • Card-driven player vs player combat.
  • Resource management system for each player’s battlesuit.
  • Drafting mechanic to build player’s set of moves.
  • Different power suits to choose from.
  • Multiple game formats for variety.

-Battlesuit- (name TBD) is a my first full effort to design and implement a board game. I created the first draft of the rules back in late 2014 and have built on those rules on-and-off over the past several years. The game is inspired by both tabletop wargaming and tournament fighter video games. I loved the idea of player-customizable move sets, and the fiddly rules that come with tabletop wargaming. I wanted to capture the feeling of commanding a powerful armored suit, but also not have the game take hours to play.

Currently on its 30th revision, the game has come a long way from those early days. I’ve learned much about how gameplay is taught, and how people react to a new game. I’ve planned a full release which will include colored graphics for the Action Cards, custom artwork for the pawn pieces, tokens, etc.

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