3D Mech-blasting action built on the Quake 1 engine.

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Release Date: 12-23-2020

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Core Features:

  • Dedicated mech combat and damage model.
  • Customizable HUD API.
  • Core game code rebuilt into a framework for mech game design.
  • Rebuilt AI APIto account for new game mechanics.
  • Rebuilt whole UIX to fit the game.
  • Complete Character customization screen.

battleMETAL is a retro-style mecha FPS that I built on top of the Quake engine, using a source-port called Darkplaces. I designed the game from scratch, inspired by the Mechwarrior and Earthsiege games from the 90’s. In battleMETAL the player takes control of massive, walking tanks called ‘Metals. They are tasked with completing missions like patrols, base defense, and interceptions of enemy forces. The player may customize their ‘Metal with weapons and equipment they’ve unlocked through game-play.

I created a dev blog series over on Blogger that has summarized many of the design choices I made and why. You can find the blog link above, same with the link to the github project. I developed the main game code from Aug 2016 to about Aug 2019, 3 years of development. In that time, I radically altered the features and functionality of the vanilla game of Quake.

A sub-goal of the game project was to also provide a few new API’s for Quake C; the game-code that is used by Quake for modifications, to allow modders to make their own mech-style games painlessly. I’ve created helpful documents and a design bible that can be found on the github wiki of the project.

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