battleMETAL Website

React / Bootstrap website custom built for the battleMETAL video game.

Release Date: Q4-2019

Peter Roohr

Core Features:

  • Rebuilt static-bootstrap website to use ReactJS.
  • Leverages ReactJS to make a better website layout faster.
  • Can post game news items fairly easily.

The original website was thrown up quickly in 2017 as a static bootstrap page that people could visit to download the game and learn a bit more about it. Now that the game is mostly done, I decided to finish up the website. The big changes are mostly back-end for content management. I did not want to have to spend a lot of time managing the website, so building it in React seemed like the best direction to take.

Update 2021: I converted the entire website over to a WordPress implementation because I do not have the time to fully manage and maintain a custom website for a project like this.

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